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See how I've transformed tech teams at over 200 firms, from big to small and in many industries. Some of my clients and former employers are shown below. Feel free to ask them what it's like to work with me!

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Case Studies

Most case studies are told in the third person, don't mention the client's name, and celebrate only the successes of the victorious consultants vanquishing waste and smashing sales targets. They leave out the inevitable mistakes and missteps of any project.

By contrast, you will find below personal stories that include both the wins and the losses, the great ideas and the experiments that failed, in engagements with a selection of my clients. The details are there, including the client names, and I encourage you to find out more from them about what really happened and where my strengths and weaknesses lie. I hope these tales are helpful to you in understanding what it's like to work with me!

Creating team focus and coaching senior leaders.

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Team restructuring, introducing CTO and Head of Engineering.

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Geckoboard logo When Squirrel began working with us, the engineering team was full of talented and committed developers who lacked leadership and confidence. He helped to transform them into an energised, highly-focused team who now deliver high-quality product better and faster than I could have imagined.

—Paul Joyce, founder, Geckoboard

Secretsales logo Squirrel is an exceptionally talented CTO who helped revolutionise the SecretSales’ Technology function. He hired and integrated a new team and implemented future-proof practises that have enabled the efficiency and quality of the Technology team’s output to continuously improve. He is an accomplished and inspiring manager and was a well respected Senior Team Member during his time with us at SecretSales. He has cultivated a finely-tuned, self-sufficient Technology function, which we are very grateful for.

—Nish Kukadia, founder, Secretsales

TIM Group logo Squirrel has contributed immeasurably to our company’s success during his ten years as our CTO. Squirrel built a 50-strong Technology team which has fuelled our growth and earned us recognition as a leading proponent of best-practice software development. He established the technical, management, and recruitment processes that have supported our operations and on-going growth. He has shown himself to be a gifted technologist, a strong manager, a good contributor to business discussions, and an eloquent company representative on technical issues.

—Rich Koppel, founder, TIM Group

Charlie HR During a time of rapid growth for CharlieHR, Squirrel's guidance and advice was invaluable to us. With a talented but inexperienced tech team, he helped us understand what was needed to go from a scrappy start-up to a focused engineering team. As founders, Squirrel helped us understand our company objectives and the team we needed to build to achieve that. From a personal perspective, Squirrel is always giving me concepts or ideas which help to empower the leadership within our product and engineering teams. I've found Squirrel to be one of the best tech advisers in Europe. If you get the chance to work with him, take it.

—Tom Carrington Smith, co-founder, CharlieHR

Lostmy.name logo Squirrel’s impact in just a few days a week was tremendous - not just in engineering, but in product, the senior team, and across the whole company.

—Tal Oron, founder, Lostmy.name

Hubble logo The CTO coaching circle was an amazing experience. Not only was Squirrel a great coach but hearing from other CTOs with similar challenges at different stages was equally as valuable. I feel a lot more equipped to manage as the company grows and changes.

—Tom Watson, founder, Hubble

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