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Douglas Squirrel

Making Tech Teams Insanely Profitable Since 2001

This site is all about my work as an expert in inspirational technical leadership— as an advisor, author, speaker, coach, and a consultant. Using my 21 years of experience as a senior technical leader—and a set of clever management techniques called Action Science—I help companies of all sizes make big changes to their culture, skills, and processes. I provide transformation and advisory services, deliver courses and talks, and offer free help to startups. To learn more, you can watch me in action, check out my biography, or read a case study.

I collaborate frequently with Jeffrey Fredrick, most notably on our book Agile Conversations, now available everywhere. We argue that the main reason organizations aren’t effective is that they forget to share valid information, have difficult conversations, and build relationships. We show how to use techniques from Action Science to have the five key conversations of highly productive teams. Learn more and order a copy on the book's website.

If you’re interested in my personal rather than professional pursuits, check out my research in mathematics and computer science, my open-source projects, and personal interests such as my 600-year-old home in Folkestone.

Have breakfast with me, book an assessment visit, or phone for a chat.

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Come and see how "Action Science" can be applied to the problems faced by your teams.

⟶ Action Science

I help companies of all sizes make big changes to their culture, skills, and processes.

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What other people are saying

Geckoboard logo When Squirrel began working with us, the engineering team was full of talented and committed developers who lacked leadership and confidence. He helped to transform them into an energised, highly-focused team who now deliver high-quality product better and faster than I could have imagined.

—Paul Joyce, founder, Geckoboard

Commerz Ventures logo I see a lot of tech due diligence reports, and this one was exceptionally thorough, detailed, and most valuable of all, opinionated.

—Stefan Tirtey, Managing Director, Commerz Ventures

Nested logo Squirrel was very quickly able to identify a number of areas where we could improve development processes and leadership at Nested. Over three months he helped us implement Elephant Carpaccio and refocus on responding to changing business needs rather than following a defined plan - this was invaluable in a business which is growing rapidly while simultaneously iterating on its business model. Squirrel also worked with leaders and other key people across the product and technology teams to make major improvements in time management and strategic focus.

—Phil Cowans, co-founder, Nested

Heist logo Where he's been game-changing for us is that he (amazingly for a consultant) is one of the best and most generous mentors we've had in the business and has turned a team where we had issues into the top performing group in the business.

—Toby Darbyshire, founder, Heist

Unbiased logo Squirrel coached our senior team and has helped transform our structure and processes in a very short space of time. His presence has been key to the team moving faster than ever before by challenging our ingrained and established way of doing things enabling us to have a laser focus on the necessary actions to be successful. Particularly of use to us has been his extensive knowledge and experience in fast growing businesses that have faced these same challenges. When dealing with the members of the Unbiased team Squirrel quickly assesses an individual, using their strengths to help guide them in the right direction.

—Karen Barrett, founder, Unbiased

Secretsales logo Squirrel is an exceptionally talented CTO who helped revolutionise the SecretSales’ Technology function. He hired and integrated a new team and implemented future-proof practises that have enabled the efficiency and quality of the Technology team’s output to continuously improve. He is an accomplished and inspiring manager and was a well respected Senior Team Member during his time with us at SecretSales. He has cultivated a finely-tuned, self-sufficient Technology function, which we are very grateful for.

—Nish Kukadia, founder, SecretSales

TIM Group logo Squirrel has contributed immeasurably to our company’s success during his ten years as our CTO. Squirrel built a 50-strong Technology team which has fuelled our growth and earned us recognition as a leading proponent of best-practice software development. He established the technical, management, and recruitment processes that have supported our operations and on-going growth. He has shown himself to be a gifted technologist, a strong manager, a good contributor to business discussions, and an eloquent company representative on technical issues.

—Rich Koppel, founder, TIM Group

Somerton logo We used Squirrel when we were designing our first website and recruiting our tech team. He helped us to understand how engineers worked , and guided us to hiring the right people . He saved us a lot of time and money.

—Martin Armstrong, founder, Somerton

Little Bridge logo Squirrel very quickly became a valued and respected member of our team. Over a couple of months he took the time to really get to know individuals and to observe interactions that were impacting on productivity and then proposed actionable, effective solutions. Recommending and helping us to enforce clear ways of working has had a measurable impact, as we streamlined processes and closed the gap between technology and management. In Squirrel's world, there are no questions that shouldn't be asked, or answered!

—Emma Rogers, founder, Little Bridge

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